Magnum Sal: Muria

  • PUBLISHER: Leonardo Games
  • AGE: 10 +
  • PLAYERS: 2-5
  • TIME: 90 min

Extension fo the Magnum Sal board game designed with Marcin Krupiński.

A new mine is being built in the Wieliczka! The king sends the foremen underground to set new shafts and plan the exploitation of salt. A brewery also appeared in the city. Quite a waste of saltwater pumped out of the mine! Horses are laboriously circulating in the directions, and miners are wrapping up like in a dash. The king wants more white gold! Under the ground!

In addition to adding a fifth player to the game, Magnum Sal: Muria brings something new to extract from the mines in Magnum Sal: brine (which in Latin is “muria”). Yes, players will now be able to get salt from brine, in addition to deciding where shafts in the mine are going to be built, something that will allow each game of Magnum Sal to play out a little bit differently. Magnum Sal: Muria also contains:

  • A game board with two new buildings.
  • Mine foremen in each of the player colors.
  • New royal orders that require brine to fulfill.
  • New mine tiles
  • Two new tools, including the capstan – the winning tool from a game design competition.