Ale Historia!

  • PUBISHER: Granna Sp. z o.o.
  • AGE: 12+
  • PLAYERS: 2-6
  • TIME: 45 min

Was Mieszko I the king? Was the Warsaw-Vienna railway commuting to Lviv? How many Nobel Prizes did Maria Skłodowska-Curie win? Was Fiat 126P produced in Silesia?

You will find answers to these – and many more – questions in the family board game Ale Historia! Players are immersed in the history of Poland and our national culture. Answering quiz questions they get to know extraordinary facts from the rich history of our country. From the first Piasts to the present day.

The game’s mechanics allow you to easily adjust the difficulty level to the age and knowledge of players. The game has 3 difficulty levels and 2 game variants. The participants decide themselves which of them they want to respond to.

The questions were written by an experienced historian and teacher Zbigniew Pawłowski.