Busine[eS] – play social economy

  • PUBLISHER: Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives (FISE)
  • AGE: 8+
  • PLAYERS: 3-5
  • TIME: 40 min

“Busine[eS] – play social economy” is a bidding game designed for one of polish NGO’s – Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives (FISE). It this game each player takes a role of a leader of the local government. His task is to develop structures of social economy in his area – job agencies, social assistance centers, NGO’s etc… and take care of people who are looking for a job.

In each round players bid for projects of the institutions of the social economy. Then they add it to their personal boards creating a system of social economy in their city. Later they need to help people looking for a job. There are three kinds of meeples representing different groups of people: green one is easiest to manage but they will give you the fewer points for finding them a job, the yellow ones are average, and the red meeples are people who need a lot of time to prepare them to work but they are worth most points. At the end of each round if you haven’t got enough space in your structures for the people looking for help you have to pay a penalty. In each round, all of the meeples move one step closer to the left side of a players boards. When they leave the board it means they found a job and player receives points.

The game was designed as a learning tool for workers of polish jobs offices.

The game was self-published by Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives (FISE).