Why board games

Board games are experiencing their renaissance, a great come back. Although it might seem that electronic entertainment is becoming more and more popular, we meet at the board game. Everyone plays; children, adults, seniors. We play at parties, at home, at school and even at work. Because modern board game, contrary to stereotypes, is something much more than a kind of toy for children.

Today, a board game can be a kind of device of some ideas or values, a training tool, a way to break the first ice creams, an educational toy, excellent intellectual competition and many more. However, always the medium is fun – satisfying meeting with other people and experiencing together real emotions.

Board games aren’t just about dice rolling and pushing the pawn forward, although this stereotype still prevails when we ask about board games. Modern board games have sophisticated mechanics, which perfectly reflect ideas, allow you to experience different roles than those played on a daily basis. They face players with dilemmas, such as real life, and pose challenges to them.

Above all, however, modern board games give us a lot of fun. They are beautiful, pleasant to look at, and are simply an excellent way for entering into relationships. Because that is what they are all about. Games allow you to meet other people in an interesting, creative and developing way.

Such board games have been my passion for years. I have a collection of more than a hundred board games and one of the shelves on the game shelf is already reserved for the ones I’ve designed. When designing games, I follow one principle: games should be good, they must be refined and allow to feel the idea they are dedicated to. I don’t create games fastest, I don’t use patterns, I don’t guarantee success “at the weekend”. As a result, however, I can be proud of all games I have created and I am getting a positive feedback from players.

If you are interested in creating a great board game for your children, family, employees, or customers, please feel free to contact me.