• PUBLISHER: Granna Sp. z o.o.
  • AGE: 6-99
  • PLAYERS: 2-5
  • TIME: 30 min

A board game was designed for the National Museum in Warsaw.

The game Faras tells the story of the most famous Polish archaeological expedition to Sudan, which took place at 1960s. Its participants discovered a priceless Early Middle Ages cathedral filled with remarkable paintings in an area which is now covered by the waters of the artificial lake Nasser.

The gameplay is based on a memory mechanism, but players set up the board and tokens themselves, so they are able to build patterns that will help them memorize the tokens. During play, each player manages a set of archaeologist cards that grant special actions and abilities. Whoever collects the most tokens wins.

Players set off on an extraordinary journey to the heart of Africa. They play the role of Polish archaeologists who, under the watchful eye of Professor Kazimierz Michałowski, conduct excavations.