Liberator: Warsaw 1944

  • PUBLISHER: Egmont Polska
  • AGE: 8-108
  • PLAYERS: 2-4
  • TIME: 30 min

Liberator: Warsaw 1944, an expansion to Little Insurgents: Warsaw 1944, consists of two separate expansions. First: the Liberator is about allied air forces dropping weapons and meds for the insurgents. The figurine of a Liberator moves through the board. Players can change its path (using new movement card called: light signals). In most of the game rounds, Liberator drops something and randomly picked up tokens appear in a location on the map. The first player who manages to pick it up will receive some small bonus in form of victory points, additional movement, special actions etc. The drop tokens are kept secret and players can use them at any moment of a game which makes interesting combo-opportunities.

The second expansion is about delivering private mail. There are private letters in different locations from the start of the game. Contrary to the orders each letter may be picked up only by one player and each player can have as much of private mail as he/she wants. Moreover, the letters should be delivered before the game ends not only in next few game rounds. The tricky part is that each undelivered letter results in minus points to the player who picked it up.

The last part of the Liberator expansion are the new secret mission cards!

Two expansions may be added separately or both at the same time to both versions of the base game: basic and extended.