Grunwald: The Knights of King Jagiełło

  • PUBLISHER: Egmont Polska
  • AGE: 8-108
  • PLAYERS: 2-4
  • TIME: 45 min

Grunwald: The Knights of King Jagiełło is a eurogame about the preparation for one of the biggest battles of Middle Ages. On July 15th, 1410, an army of Poles and Lithuanians met the Teutonic Order forces on the fields near the village of Grunwald (Tannenberg).

The game is about the preparations for war. Each player is a king’s officer. His task is to find the best knights, equip them and lead them to the king. The game is published on the 600th anniversary of the battle, which is an important historical event in Poland.

The game has added an educational brochure prepared by the National Museum in Warsaw. It presents the causes of the conflict with the Teutonic Knights between 1409 and 1411.