Fruit race

  • PUBLISHER: Egmont Polska
  • AGE: 6-106
  • PLAYERS: 2-4
  • TIME:15 min

In the game Fruit race, the players try to gather as many fruits as they can. Each player is given a tile with a basket depictured which is a pawn. The pawns are moved on a triangle shaped board which contains 45 hex tiles with fruits on them.

On a single turn, a player takes his pawn and moves it by a number of hexes indicated on the tile he starts from. The player can turn freely but cannot move through the same hex twice. After the movement the player takes the tile, he started from and put it in his/her personal supply. There is one restriction in taking tiles. A player cannot take a tile if this would cause the board to split up. In this case, the player moves without taking a tile.

If in 4 consecutive turns none of the players takes a tile, the game ends. Then the players compare their fruits. Each fruit is worth one point, but a player will take the points only if he is one of the two players (one in a 2-player game) that has the biggest amount of this particular fruit. Other players do not score points for this kind of fruit. The player who scored the most points is the winner.